Friday, November 9, 2012

Glossybox DIY Drawers!

Whilst cleaning up my room, I came across some Glossyboxes that I have kept on the shelf of my wardrobe for quite a while now. I remember seeing a project on Pinterest about transforming these boxes into a set of drawers! A quick google easily led me to quite a few blogs online, and I set off on my little DIY project.

You will need:
4x Glossyboxes with lids
Sticky tape/super glue/hot glue gun
Sharp scissors 
Ribbon from one of the Glossyboxes

Time required:
About 20-30 min

(I actually made it and didn't take any pictures in between so I disassembled it so I could show you guys again, which is why you can probably already see the ribbon already stuck on and some sticky tape bits)

Let's start!

For the structure of the box, you're gonna need one box and 3 lids.

The box
Cut off all the sides. You're left with the large rectangle and that is going to be the base of your set of drawers. You can get rid of the  parts you cut off. You don't need them.

Lids 1 and 2
Cut only ONE of the longer sides of the rectangle. These are going to be the sides of your set of drawers. Again, you can get rid of the little strips you cut off.

Lid Number 3
Cut off both of the shorter sides completely. For the longer sides, only cut up to where the black meets the pink. This is going to be the back of your set of drawers.

This is what you should have.

Now we're going to assemble the outside box.

Place the flat side of lid 1 on the ground. The side you cut out of lid 1 should be facing outwards. Take lid 3 and stick this right into the inside edge of lid 1. I feel that sticky tape works a lot better (or maybe cos my hot glue gun isn't that great). Plus, this is going to be the inside too, so no one's gonna know you sticky taped the crap out of it LOL.
But yeah, lid 3 is going to be the back.

Take the rectangle you cut out of the box. This is going to the the base. Stick this to lids 1 and 3, so it forms the bottom.

It should look something like this now.

At this point, you want to put your "drawers" in to see if they fit snugly. You don't want to stick in the other side of the outer box (lid 2), only to realise that your drawers don't fit.

So once you're done and adjusted where your lid 2 needs to sit, go ahead and stick it down to edges of lid 3 and the box.

Almost done! Take the remaining lid and stick that on top of your set of drawers.
Use the ribbon they tied up your beauty goods in and use that as your handles.

All done! I love how the hot pink contrasts with the light pink. Thanks to the Valentine's Edition Glossybox!

I'm surprised at how well it turned out! Cudos to the original creator whose brilliant idea it was to make these drawers out of old Glossyboxes. I'm not sure if it works with other boxes, since their dimensions are different. So if you have some old glossyboxes hanging around, try this super easy project!

Hope my instructions weren't too confusing, but do check out other girl's blogs for their directions :)


  1. aww that's such a cute drawer, makes me wanna buy more glossyboxes! great tutorial :)

  2. LOVE this!! Too bad I don't own any glossybox boxes....... :(

  3. Thanks for the tutorial! I wish I had more glossybox boxes though!

  4. Nice DIY box, love the pink color too:)By the way follow you, I'll be so happy if you follow me back^^

  5. Super cute!!! But yeah, don't have enough glossyboxes to make! But I did love receiving them when I was still subbed to them, useful for storing whatevz!

  6. Yay!!! Haha I think I only had 2 glossyboxes and I can only find one (which i'm using for jewellery atm) so too bad I can't do this. You should do a post on what you fill this up with too!

  7. this is such a snazzy idea, i love it! although i must admit to not owning a single glossy box and so am unable to try this project haha!

  8. Great idea! I was just looking for more storage ideas!

  9. such a great idea. i love the look of glossyboxes. i have 3-4 of them around somewhere, will definitely consider making these!

    à la foliee

  10. This is super cuteee and now I wish I had more glossy boxes so I could do this haha :P

  11. Cutest DIY! I've just ended up using my boxes as they are to store things xD I love the light pink and the hot pink :D

  12. I love these reuse/upcycle ideas! Great DIY.


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