Friday, May 4, 2012

Mini Haul - Colette Accessories / Priceline / April Glossybox

Popped by Colette and Priceline yesterday and wanted to share what I got :)

Colette was having a 50% sale on some of their items and I managed to grab this wallet for only $10. I really just wanted to change back to a wallet because I got annoyed of my Mimco pouch haha. I can never find anything, all my cards are mixed up. But yeah, this is just a simple bifold (I really hate tri-fold wallets...they just FLOP out), no room for unnecessary stuff. Clean and simple yay. I really like the berry colour too. For a replacement wallet (until my birthday......hehe) for only $10, I ain't complaining. Also grabbed this ring for $4.50. It's just pretty, haha.

My bestf informed me of the Batiste Dry Shampoo being on sale for $6 at Priceline, and I couldn't miss out on that! And the L'Oreal sublime mousse was on sale for $10 something, so I just got that too. 

Ok so I thought I'd put a mini review/rant on April's AU Glossybox. First of all, it didn't arrive until May 2nd, and second of all, I was charged for this box even though I had emailed them last month asking to unsubscribe. So I got quite the surprise when I got an email saying they deducted $15 from my bank account for this box. So, I was like, "Okay, whatever, let's just see what this box has got to offer". Right after I re-affirm my decision to unsubscribe, I got an email saying Glossybox has joined forces with LustHaveIt. 
I'll admit I had a few seconds of regret of unsubscribing, but I quickly got over it since I remembered the very first Glossybox back on November, and they said that it was going to SO BIG, SO AWESOME. But it was just normal to me, actually.

I'll let the box speak for itself. Seriously I felt that this box is the WORST of all the boxes I had received thus far. I feel like they just chucked in whatever in the box and shipped it out because they were too busy worrying about their new collaboration with LustHaveIt. If it's the last Glossybox, shouldn't it go out with a BANG? Apparently not. Can you sense my disappointment through the screen?!

Nivea Moisturiser, Soap, Face Moisturiser, Heat Protectant and a SLEEP PULSE POINT? Which is basically lavender oil... in like a tube with a metal ball on top so you can roll it on your "pulse points" to make you fall asleep. Seriously, I think this is worse than that power balancing bracelet I got in the last March Glossybox

End of rant.

Anyway, hope you have a super nice weeeekend :)


  1. omg you bought so many things! I really need to make my way to priceline! the dry shampoo sounds so good!

  2. ahh Batiste! I saw it for $6 at Priceline the other day and I should've gotten it...I didn't know that was the sale price haha.
    and lol at the Glossybox...I agree they should've made it extra special before the next box combined with LHI. the soap and pulse points thing are such dud products :(

  3. Oh no, that box does look terribly uninspired :( And that is really bad they charged you and sent you out one even though you already unsubscribed! I would call them up and complain, maybe they'll at least offer a refund or something :S But yay for Batiste for cheap!

  4. review of that sublime mousse when you use it please :D!
    the box is really horrible and disheartening to look at...
    i hate it when they add in supermarket brand products... it kinda defeats the purpose of the whole box thing :/

  5. Ugh the reason I left GB after February! They were so promising but their efforts were sub-par. I also hated that they had various versions of a month's box when they weren't even taking the beauty profiles into consideration. I'm so glad that LHI took over GB, they always impress! L'Oreal's mousse is a dream to work with according to a friend, please do share the outcome :)

  6. nivea moisturiser? omg.

  7. Pretttyy wallet! Does your P stand for Provisional?! Ours is probationary ahaha. They're the same thing obviously but yeah just found that funny.
    I saw the dry shampoo but I've still got a can of Batiste, a pretty much full bottle of Lush dry shampoo and the Klorane dry shampoo from GB last month so I figure I'll use them up first. The sales are pretty often anyway.
    L'Oreal mousse dye?! I've never heard of this! Don't pay attention to western dyes much cos I prefer Asian but that's pretty cool, please do a review! And the colour looks really nice too! Though obiously it won't be that light on your hair.
    As for the GB...... pulse point..... to make you fall asleep.............
    All I can say is LOL. Wow. GB is seriously terrible now!!! I'll be interested to see what's in the GB/LHI collab though. Hopefully it's not TOO good or I'll be tempted to sub again =/ haha.

  8. Omgah.. LOL The month's GlossyBox leaves me speechless. I didn't know it's THAT disappointing! Geez!


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