Friday, May 4, 2012

Matte nails

I currently have an obsession with matte nails. I actually bought the Essie matte top coat last year from Ozsale, but I never really got around to using it as much as I would have liked to. I recently pulled it out again, and seriously, I am in love.

I love the effect of matte polishes on glitter nails! I'm gonna show you guys my latest manicure.

Colours I used. Ulta3 - Lollipop Lilac is already a foil finish, so there wouldn't be much of an effect if you put a matte top coat on top, but China Glaze - Doll with matte is actually really nice.

Here is 3 coats of Doll on my ring finger without matte top coat.

And here is it WITH the top coat! It has a really cool effect hey!

No matte top coat, direct sunlight

Matte top coat, direct sunlight
No matte top coar

Matte top coat

I personally like both matte and non-matte finishes, and with this top coat, I don't have to go buying every single colour in a matte formula. I got the matte top coat from Ozsale in a "duo" set which was $13.95. I got the top coat with this other colour that I don't remember. 

This is when I tried it last year. The colour shown is Essie - Merino Cool.

Normal finish
Thumb - matte, fingers - normal 

Fully matte nails

I love the feel of my nails after I apply the matte top coat. It's so smooth! But it also kind of reminds me of a blackboard....and you know when you scrape your nails on a blackboard........ *shudders* but it's still really cool! :)

I think I'm gonna try a matte red manicure next time, I'll be sure to post it up :)

Oh and check out my lovely friend, Karen's blog! She's taking up blogging again, please welcome her into the blogging community and support! :)


  1. i love matte polishes!!
    using the same color nail polish, and then do a design with matte polish, its really pretty!! :D

  2. Haha after I got my top coat a few months ago, every. single. manicure. I did was with the matte coat. I was just a little obsessed LOL! I also really like how it dries SOOOO fast!! So good. It doesn't really remind me of the blackboard thing but not that you mention it... =/ LOL

    1. Definitely gonna try it on glitter next time, haven't done it before just cos I didn't really think there'd be much change. Wonder what it would look like on something like OPI Rainbow Connection!!

  3. the glitter nails look so cool

  4. love the glitter nails ^^

  5. i love the matte glitter combo! i still need to get myself one, there are so many different brands though

  6. loving the matte nails!
    you should definitely a matte red manicure, would love to see how it turns out :)

  7. This is so cute! I love the matte pink and how it looks with the glitter accent nail :)

  8. Great manicure, love the matte effect =)
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  10. I love Essie Matte nail polish! every time i try to find it its sold out

  11. I love the feeling of Matte !!
    But Idk, I tend to lean more towards the sparkly nail polishes heh

  12. what a cool topcoat. i'll have to try it. and i'll check out Karen's blog

  13. I have never tried matte top coat/ polishes before but I love the way it looks!!!


  14. Love the China Glaze polish! I'm not usually a fan of matte polishes, but I do like the effect of it layered over the glitter, makes it look like dragon's scales or something! I do love the glitter on the ring finger look. Great photos and lovely blog :)

    Ela xx

  15. I've got a matte topcoat which I don't use as often as I should, either! I think it's more to laziness than anything else, as I do love matte manicures!

    That first combination you have is especially stunning, I especially love the CG glitter nail accent you have there!

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