Monday, April 30, 2012

Room Tour

Hiiii! This is a highly requested blog post :) I thought since it's good lighting in my room, I'd get some shots of my room. It's quite a big room, but the thing is, I only have 2 walls to work with, since my balcony takes up one wall and my wardrobe takes the other. So I can't exactly move my bed sideways along the wall, because then I'd have no where to put my desk! I'd love to have that extra space in the middle and put a rug there or something, but yeah, that's okay.

It's amazing when I wake up, especially in the winter, because the sun shines directly into my room. And I do have roller shutters, so I can wake up in peace without the sun piercing my eyes.

This post is photo heavy! 

Typo wall stickers (don't sell this style anymore)

There's a whole lot of Typo stuff in this picture. The bird canvas, the bird cage, and the jewellery holder. This is just where my random stuff goes, watch, glasses, wallet, whenever I come home, I just dump stuff here.

This is where I do my makeup, clear storage is from Target, brush holder from Typo, green tub from a bargain store.
Vanity area

View from my balcony

 I stopped collecting toys ages ago, so they just sit at the top here. They're probably really dusty, haven't touched them in ages!

My wardrobe. I'm lucky this was already here when I moved in.

I mainly use the middle area for my going-out clothes. Right side is home clothes and dresses and left side is bags, as seen in my last bag organisation post.

Left Side of my wardrobe, dunno what to hang on that moustache hook, but I knew I had to get it haha.
 & Nail polishes :)

My main wall :)
Fully from Typo haha. The big Paris canvas I got last year and was only $5!!!!! I remember blogging about this last year haha.

 Little polaroid cards are from Typo (don't think they sell these anymore),  the 3D butterflies, (I just bought recently) and the lanterns.

Little sticker letters are from Typo too :)

I used to collect Cosmopolitan magazines, but I stopped. I do buy the odd issue now and then.

Kpop calendar (designed myself, printed free :D) post here

Last year's Shaun the Sheep calendar. I LOVE SHAUN THE SHEEP. Best show.

Random cloud shot from my balcony.

Gingerbread wall sticker from Typo (it wasn't for sale, it was a part of our Christmas theme decoration in store)

Odd toys that don't fit anywhere else :) 

I got this giant Big Bang poster from one of my besties, I don't know where to put it....

Desk area. I know, it's super messy...

Yay Big Bang :) I like this cos GDragon is the one facing backwards, but honestly I love all of them just as equally :)

Ah, that was such a long post! Hope you enjoyed that somewhat of a room tour haha.

Oh and the colour of my room....I don't remember what colour it was, but I remember telling my dad I wanted it a light blue colour, but he bought this one, and I like this colour better anyway :) Originally, he wasn't going to paint it, but just before we moved in, he suprised me :D YAY.

Anyway, hope you have a fantastic week guys! :)


  1. Your room is gorgeous ! <3 I love it !

  2. I love your room!! I have a really small one so I'm always envious of people with large rooms. You have so many cute things everywhere.. and a balcony ahhh one can only dream.
    Love all your wall decal !!

  3. Such a homely room. I love what you did to your main wall with all the polaroids and stickers.

  4. What a cool calendar that you designed by yourself! Looks like your room gets a lot of natural lighting which I love. I have a lot of old soft toys that don't fit anywhere and I managed to shove them most of them on one shelf :p Your vanity area looks very enticing :p

  5. i love your room! and i those typo decorations are so pretty!
    the blue walls of your room makes it seem very skyish and kinda gives a breath of fresh air! :D
    i wish i had a big room like yours sigh lol

  6. nice room,..
    i love the colors in your room
    it is so light to eyes..

    thanks for doing this post i luv it

  7. how cute room


  8. your room is soo big and bright~! and love the balcony, looks so classic lol >.< and love all the Typo stuff as well, I've never heard of that store but I wish we had one here in the Netherlands as well =.= x

    My Blog ~ xLittleBells♥

  9. Wow! Your room is really nice! : D I love the organization skills you have. Haha I have none!

  10. i have always loved your room and now i love it even moreeeee. xo

  11. The room is so fantastic...everything is it.

    window shutters clayton, ca


Each comment is read and appreciated! Thanks guys! ^_____^ x

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