Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Glossybox AU - March 2012

It's that time of the month again, my Glossybox for the month of March has arrived!

As always, packaging is cute as.
One thing I noticed different about this month's info card is that there are actually 18 products on it! They actually show the other products that other boxes might have had if you had missed out on it, since you only get 5 products in a box at one time.

The only thing that's missing is the price and sizes. I don't know if I've been sent a sample or full sized product.

Here's what was in my box. At first sight, I was disappointed. Skincare? I honestly don't pay much attention to facial cleansers (which I probably should, I know) so when I saw it, I was like, "Eh...I probably wouldn't use this."

Upon another look, I realised that all my products are samples, and that there were no full sized products. Well I'm not sure about the concealer though. 

So many products!

Here are my items on the list:

#07 EAU THERMALE AVENE - Cleanser & Toner
I've never heard of this brand before, and I'm been meaning to check out a few skin care items, so I'm gonna give this a go, but no promises as to if I'll be sticking to this routine.
I'm currently using St. Ive's Apricot Scrub, if I remember (or bothered) to wash my face.

#08 KLORANE - Dry Shampoo
Again, I have never heard of this brand before, but since I do love anything to do with dry shampoos, I wanna see how this goes.

#16 THE BODY SHOP - Chocolate Body Butter sample
#17 THIN LIZZY - Concealer

I never end up using samples that come in these packets. I don't know why haha. I still have foundation samples in their packets too. I just never really use any kind of samples in packets. But since it is The Body Shop and it's chocolate, I'll give it a shot.

The concealer! Wow, I was actually looking for a new concealer and was about to buy the Maybelline Lumi Touch Illuminating Concealer yesterday but I'm glad I didn't cos this concealer is really good from what I've tried so far. I applied it to under my eyes and some pimple scars and this thing covers up goooood!

The consistency is kind of thick, but blends out well and it's kind of sticky but nothing that loose powder on top can't resolve. I love that it's my shade too (lucky!) in Oriental Doll.

Left: Blended. Right: Swatched  
Another thing they added was this bracelet thing......and according to the info card, it's a "power balancing bracelet...often worn by athletes who find that it supports their strength and flexibility"
UMMM, first thought of mine was: "It's a piece of rubber that looks like it has some silver stickers stuck on the side. How's this supposed to help?"
*puts it in the pile of things I'll never use*

So overall, the box was once again, okay. According to the products I got, I guess I could use them fully. To be honest, none of the boxes I've received in the past, have I ever used every single product. Maybe this time around, I will actually utilise them all. Except the bracelet LOL.

My favourite product in this box would definitely be the Thin Lizzy concealer! That thing is amazing. No wonder they advertised it on tv for a long time, that concealer does wonders. 

Hope your Glossybox was ok! 
Although, I think I'm definitely gonna take a break from beauty sample boxes. 


  1. Avene is wonderful french skincare brand and I love their products :) I'm sure that you will love their products too! ^__^ I wish they had Glossybox in NZ T___T

    1. Mimi!! They are apparently bringing the glossybox to NZ soon :D

  2. Oh Avene is my favorite! xx

  3. Had a look at the list...eeeeep there's nothing that makes me say I HOPE I GET THAT IN MY BOX which is a bit sad :( but hopefully I don't get all skin care items...or the coconut water or bracelet (LOL). I really love the Klorane dry shampoo but I usually buy Batiste only cos it comes in Brunette..
    I will probs stop GB after this month but I really want to try another beauty I'm terrible :(

  4. i love how it arrives all packaged nicely :)!

  5. LOL on the pink bracelet. I wonder if they actually do anything at all. I've seen Thin Lizzy products around in Priceline - never thought to give them ago. After seeing this I might (since I can't seem to find a good concealer)!

  6. great products! xo

  7. I use Klorane Dry Shampoo on my hair! It's nothing special to be honest though, I now use an alternative by Cedel only because it's a little cheaper. However dry shampoos are definitely a staple (to me at least) so it's good you got an extra can! The Thin Lizzy concealer sounds like a decent product as well. And lol @ the bracelets...I'm highly sceptical that they do anything for you. I actually think people just collect them in different colours and use them as fashion accessories (not that it's particularly fashionable...)

  8. i heard the pink bracelet does something for maintaining balance or something, i think i came across it on youtube awhile back..
    and avene is a brand catered for people who have super sensitive and highly irritant skin, so you might find their cleansers abit too gentle if you're used to the st ives one, but avene is good for those days when you break out from trying a product that just doesnt work for you etc :)

  9. I've heard that that dry shampoo is amazing. More
    Expensive than bastise but worth it apparently.
    I got 2 bars of proactive soap. Zzzzzzzzz I don't have acne don't know why they keep sending me
    Skin care.
    I think I'll give that concealer a go since
    You say it's
    Good :)

  10. how much does the glossybox AU cost? here in germany it costs 10€/month but it will be raising its price to 15 € in april. a lot of subscribers have been really angry and I can see they're going to lose a lot of their customers -.-

  11. I love your blog<3 I was considering to also have a subscription on the GlossyBox. But it turned out that the products are all so far just ''ok'' not amazing. Well, I guess it is just sort of gambling of the products, I think...

  12. they sell the avene products in priceline, i used to use it but yeah my skin is ultra sensitive T_T

  13. I actually cancelled my subscription after last month's!
    And I guess I kind of am glad .. I doubt I'd be happy with these products (except the concealer as well xP) But eep, it's good that you ended up liking them though! Lol! I also haven't used any of the products .0.

  14. The items are pretty nice, would love to try the thin lizzy concealer too! The consistency is quite nice based on your swatch. I think this month items are quite okay..^_^~

  15. kinda a let down, but at least the concealer is good? :D the normal sized one is 15ml.. so i think they sent you a travel sized version??

  16. i actually think the products are quite useful this time around! except for the bracelet of course LOL

  17. Hello! I got the same box as you, i was thinking the same thing about the bracelet lol why would a piece of rubber help you with flexibility and strength? I made a joke saying i should wear it to the gym and test it out. I decided to unsubscribe to glossybox.


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