Saturday, March 24, 2012

Geometric Pastel Nails

It's been a while since my last nail post!

I was looking through my nail polish collection and felt like pastel coloured nails, so I pulled out a few of these cute colours and found this pic.

Face Of Australia - Minty Mojito
China Glaze - Something Sweet
China Glaze - Agent Lavender
Ulta3 - Lily White

Inspiration picture (from tumblr)

I took away the black and added the green for a wearable look.

With this design, technically, you're supposed to paint one layer, wait for it to dry, stick a piece of tape on your nail and then paint on another colour, wait for it to dry, then peel the tape away, then you gotta tape it in another way and then paint over..........
It's wayyyy too time consuming. I don't have enough patience to tape on my nails over and over, plus, it would get really really messy and the tape would be leaving missing blotches on your nails.

So I just painted it over using a nail art brush. 
I drew the outline first, then used the normal nail polish brush to fill it in.
See the trick to this, is using the white nail polish to cover up your harsh edges haha.

I'm sorry I didn't take pictures throughout the process.

Let's take my index finger as an example.
1. I painted on pink first (2 coats), let that dry for a little bit, 
2. I then drew a green line diagonally using a nail art brush, using that as my border, and then using the normal brush of my green nail polish to fill it in. Wait for it to dry. Doesn't have to be completely dry though.
3. I painted on the purple to the edge.
4. Using a thin nail art brush, dipped it in white nail polish and outlined the border of the colours.

Working progress:
 Scrap paper and thin nail art brushes. I just got mine on ebay for like $1 or something haha.

Before clean up. I usually do my nails at night, cos then I can clean up around the edges in the morning when I take a shower. Warm water helps rub away the excess hanging on your edges of your finger without having to use acetone to remove it.
After clean up:

At first I was unsure if I was liking it or not, I felt like it was missing, like, a pastel yellow or something. But then I thought there would be a party on my nails haha.
If I added the yellow, it would probably look kind of like an easter egg don't you think? Perfect for the upcoming season hehe.

I already posted this up on twitter and facebook so I feel a bit repetitive now...
Have a happy weekend! :) 


  1. Still loving it! Haha only SUPER patient people would do the whole tape on tape off thing. The white lines covering the harsh edges is a clever trick haha. The tumblr inspiration pic is really nice too!

  2. wow! I would never be patient enough to do this!
    + I really like the pastel colours :)

  3. haha this is super cute! I really like the pastel colours. Lol I'd also be way too lazy to cut out little pieces of tape and paint over and wait for them to dry...and then making a tiny stuff-up towards the end would be so frustrating! And yes I agree, a touch of yellow would also be lovely for Easter :)

  4. I agree, you don't need any yellow with that,
    they already remind me of Easter, but I'd definitely think of an Easter egg if you had the yellow instead of white. lol
    I like them :)


  5. This is really nice! : D

  6. love the colours! and yes it does remind me of an easter egg :)

  7. Cute nail design! I love the pastel palate and I would have done what you did too, not use tape cause that would take forever lol

  8. I loveeee them both! the colours you got are uber cute. The black makes it stand out lots though and im a fan of black ^^
    Do my nails? =D hehe <3

  9. Love it! The colors are perfect for spring too! :D

  10. the colours you chose remind me of easter. i love your nail creations can't wait to see more of them!

  11. Easter is just right around the corner, so that's a good colour choice! :)
    I want to try that, but I would absolutely dent it or smudge it by accident, and probably give up from frustration. You did a great job :D


Each comment is read and appreciated! Thanks guys! ^_____^ x

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