Thursday, March 22, 2012

GEO Super Nudy Pink Circle Lens

Hiii! Recently I purchased two new pair of circle lens from Lisa who runs Infinite Vogue, a shop on facebook that sells circle lens, bags and shoes. Circle lens start from $15 and she's based in Sydney so you can either pick up or get it shipped to you fast! :)

I ordered mine on Sunday and they were ready for me to pick up by Wednesday, I think. So fast! Very happy, thank you!

Anyway, I'm gonna show you one of the lens I got and they're the Super Nudy Pink. The difference between Super Nudy and the "normal" Nudy lens are the diameter size. Super Nudy makes your eyes appear larger. It's 14.7mm compared to 14mm of the normal ones.

I did a review on the normal nudy lens in blue here. One thing I definitely love about the Nudy series is that your eye colour kind of peeps out from underneath the pixellated design of the lens. This blending of your natural eye colour and the lens makes it less harsh to look at and even though it's pink lens, they're not scary at all. It's kinda sweet actually :)

The difference between Super Nudy and normal Nudy is that you can see theres an outer border around the rim of the lens. It's not solid black but it's defined which gives you a natural dolly eye.


Design 5/5
Comfort 5/5
Enlargement 4.5/5

Overall, I'm loving these lenses :D


  1. they look really nice :)
    emphasizing your eyes without looking too exaggerated or awkward

  2. im thinking of buying the nudy ones because of your reviews.. especially the blue one before =)

  3. such a unique colour! pink circle lenses can surprisingly look really pretty and natural. I like how these have an outer rim as well, yay for dolly effect :) <3

  4. Awe! These look lovely!! I really wanted a pink pair like these ones but my mum said she couldn't find any when she was in HK! T^T

    Amy Xx

  5. Pink contacts have always scared me but looking at your photos.. they don't seem so intimidating! :) I CAN NOT WAIT FOR IMATS!! YAYAYYAYAYYYYYYYYYYYY!

  6. You look really cute on them ^_^~

  7. Those look cute on you


  8. I own this pair and it's absolutely one of my faves.
    Super adorable on you dear. c:

  9. So gorgeous babe! I love pink lenses :D They look amazing on you <3

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