Monday, January 16, 2012

Australis Face-A-Holic

Jumbo Sized Mirrored Compact, Complete with blush, pressed power and bronzer.

I saw this on the Australis Facebook page before Christmas last year, and I knew I had to get my hands on it. 3 products in one compact? Perfect for travelling!

When I was looking for it in the Australis section in Big W, I was looking for a small black compact, but it ended up being in this much bigger box. I didn't realise how big it was! But that's ok, size isn't really an issue for me, but it probably won't fit in your average size makeup bag...unless yours is big that is.

I like that it has a mirrored top so you can see if you have any eyeliner smudges without opening it up ;)

It measures about 11.5cm in diameter, which is pretty big, if I compare it to one of MAC's blushes. Big big big difference!

There's 3 products all in powder form.
From L to R:

Blush - Rosy Cheeks
Pressed Powder - Deep Natural
Bronzing Powder - Sunkissed



 Swatches L to R:
Blush, Pressed Powder, Bronzer

No flash


The blush in Rosy Cheeks is matte, and is in such a pretty rose colour. I love this blush, it's finely milled and is so smooth when you swatch it with your fingers.

The pressed powder in Deep Natural is also matte and finely milled, I think it might be a little light for my complexion, but it's still smooth and feels really nice.

The bronzing powder in Sunkissed is actually a shimmer bronzer, but it's more of a sheen than shimmer and still looks good on the face. For lighter complexions like me, a light hand is perfect :)

- Affordable at $19.95. You're pretty much paying $6.65 for each product.
- All in one compact with a mirror
- Great for travel
- Great pigmentation
- Smooth and silky texture

- Might be a bit big, depending on your preferences for smaller compacts.
- Doesn't vary in different colour combinations. There would only be that one colour of blush, powder and bronzer.
- A bit of fallout, but I can deal with it :)

Overall, I really like this product. I'm in love with the blush and bronzer. I'm gonna try give the face powder another go since it is the biggest section of the compact. It's perfect for those on the go, especially when people do their makeup outside of the house, like touching up or even on the way to work on the train :P

I always like watching people apply their makeup on trains. It's actually really interesting. They spend a lot of time on mascara I've noticed LOL (not stalker at all......)

I got this compact at Big W for $19.84. But you can find your nearest stockist of Australis products on their website and by checking out the product here.

Have a greaaaat week!

Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me for my own use. For more info see Disclosure policy.


  1. The pigmentation looks awesome! I might try this out sometime (:

  2. That is one big pan!! And I can't believe how pigmented it is :) Australis has gone a long way since I used it!

  3. oh wow it's like everything in one compact!!

  4. I am rediscovering Australis after a lengthy absense. I like the compact but I am not a fan of pink blushers. This one could be overlarge for me but it is good to see they are working to produce quality budget make up

  5. This looks like a good 3 in one combo :O I'm looking to buy bronzer, so I'll have a look in Big W for this~
    Since the middle section is light, I reckon it'd be a good high lighter? Idk ><

  6. When you tweeted that you didnt end up buying it last month, I knew you were going to go back and buy it!!!
    I love the blush, it's such a perfect pink!!


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