Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mini NYX Haul

Just a few things I picked up at the Cherry Culture NYX 40% sale. I didn't get much because I'm a good girl and held back :)

NYX Rouge Cream Blush - Tea Rose
NYX Round Lipstick - B52
NYX Tinted Lip Spa - Copacabana

NYX Rouge Cream Blush - Tea Rose
See more pics of the cream blush in  the shade "Natural" here.

This colour isn't really a pink, it's more of like a peachy coral, but I like it none the less especially when it's blended out nicely. It's great as a base for similar coloured blushes cos it gives it that extra oomph.

NYX Round Lipstick - B52
A browney nude that leaves a sophisticated colour on your lips. Perfect for autumn weather, I reckon. I think it's more of a mature colour as well, its feminine and a gorgeous colour.

NYX Tinted Lip Spa - Copacabana
This is the first time I've tried this. What NYX says:

Meet your latest obsession: An addictive pout treatment that moisturizes, conditions and protects your lips—with Vitamin E and a host of other nourishing ingredients—and graces them with a hint of dewy color. Available in 12 pretty shades.

It's more of a lipbalm than a lipstick, in my opinion. It's definitely moisturising and definitely gives a hint of colour to your lips. Copacobana is a light pink, lighter than my natural lip colour and I just love it!
The only thing I dislike about this, is the smell and taste :( It's not very fragrant, but hey at least it doesn't smell like poo right :) LOL

I love the clear window at the top of the package so you can see what colour it is.

I really think these are comparable to Revlon's Lip Butters. They're both kinda the same product, with the whole tinted lip balm thingy.

RCB - Rouge Cream Blush
RL - Round Lipstick
TLS - Tinted Lip Spa

With Flash

Without Flash

I'm definitely gonna grab more of these tinted lip spa's next time :)



    Wished you blogged more often!!

  2. love the TLS Copacabana!

  3. I love the tinted lipbalm! I really want a tinted lipbalm but I have way too many lipblams now!

    ♡ M.May

  4. Requesting a comparison product post from you when the Revlon Lip Butters arrives to Australia by boat! ^_^!!

  5. What a lovely haul! The blush looks so prettyyy!!


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