Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blogger Kris Kringle

Aussie bloggers were invited to participate in Jen and Melody's Blogger KK this year, and I joined the bandwagon, of course :)

My package came in a few days ago and I received it from the lovely Lisha! This is the first time I've gotten to know her, and I looked at her blog and realised she likes doing nails too, like me YAY!

Delivered in a box and wrapped up pretty.

I accidently cut through the paper whilst I was cutting open the box heh, oops.

Goodies! :)
A few nail art stuff to play with yay! And those nail art brushes, I SO NEEDED THOSE. THANK YOU! 

How pretty is the container!! It's so cute and pretty :) Shall use it to store something nice.

Thanks again, Lisha!
Much love ^_^


  1. Aw ): I was suppose to enter in the KK but it slipped my mind. I swear I have a mind of a goldfish. That container is so cute! KK is so fun when the other person actually puts an effort in it. I feel so disappointed when someone gives me something absolutely random like a banana. LOL I don't know but you get my point ):

  2. The Sparkle Girl tin looks so cute! I wanna get my hands on them!!

    <3 M.May

  3. i can't help but giggle alittle at the cartoon santa hat on the note :$ tehehe

  4. Naww cute items! I had Lisha as my KK receiver ^^ The container is really pretty and the writing at the top 'cast a spell on you' reminded me of lyrics from One Way's song Magic x)

  5. I'm really happy that you like your present!!! ^____^


  6. You got awesome items :D ! And that tin has got such a nice design *_*


Each comment is read and appreciated! Thanks guys! ^_____^ x

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